Faithful Questions tonight – Old vs. New Testament

This week’s Faithful Questions video has been scheduled/listed over on YouTube. It’s tonight (6/25/2020) at 7 PM and is titled “Did God change between the Old and New Testaments?”

There are those who see the arrival of Jesus, and the scripture that results, as a massive change from before. As a result, one might wonder if this means God changed. In this talk we’ll discuss the possibility of God changing and what the Church teaches.

Go over there to set a reminder, get the link, etc.:

April Faithful Questions slides

Here are the slides from Tuesday’s Faithful Question talk on keeping our children Catholic:

Thank you to everyone who watched the live-stream. For those who attended, in addition to taking the survey, feel free to use the comment section for this blog post to give any feedback.

We will figure out some other way than YouTube comments next time to submit questions. Apparently a lot of viewers couldn’t get that to work.