1. Scot Yearwood

    Hi Deacon Ken
    First I would like to thank you for talk on this difficult yet important topic. In my opinion, people at large think that Catholics look down upon homosexuals and therefore homosexuals do not belong in the Catholic church. We both know that is definitely not the case, and in fact, Catholic homosexuals are very important members of the Catholic church. I felt your talk did convey this important message as the gap between the Church and gays needs to narrow. I would like to see more ministry offered by the Catholic church to the LGBTQ community, like as you noted the AIDS ministry was and still is essential. I also would like to comment on how this is not a specific sin issue or sexual morality issue. I like how you included yourself (in humor too) EVERYONE sins in one way or another. This topic does come in contact with everyone through relatives, own kids, friends, acquaintances, etc. Nice job. Although the Catechism can be tough to read or even difficult to accept I like how you reference it throughout your talks.
    Thanks again for addressing this challenging yet relevant topic

  2. Roy Sweeney

    This was our first attendance at one of your lectures and the subject matter is what brought us there.

    A difficult subject which you handled very well. We would have liked to have stayed for the Q&A, as I had a couple of questions, but the program runs too late for the two of us.
    Because of the 7 pm start you probably won’t see much of us in the future unless it’s a subject that really catches our interest.

    An earlier start time for us older folks would be better, but I understand it might not work for you as well as for others.

    Thank you for taking your time to help educate and inform.

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