February Faithful Questions is this week!

Apologies for the late notice (yet again). Faithful Questions is tomorrow (or perhaps today if you don’t see this tonight): Tuesday February 8th. The topic is “What does the Church teach about transgender issues?”

More youth today are coming out as transgender than homosexual as the LGBT lobby has found very effective language to make their case to the youth.  In this talk Deacon Ken will do his best to explain their thinking and how we can respond both with truth and charity.

Like last month, this will be a dual in-person and live-stream event. For those in the Roseville area, you can come in-person and have the level of interaction and comradery that can only be had in person. Plus, we’ll have refreshments! For those who are far away or otherwise can’t make it to St. Clare in Roseville, never-fear, we’re keeping the live-stream to watch either live or after the fact.

So, we’ll see you at 7 PM in the Morris Hall at St. Clare or we’ll see you online… click on the below link to watch the talk:

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