Significant but minor changes to website

I’ve been having some trouble with this website the last handful of months. Particularly when one first viewed it, it wouldn’t show up correctly. After struggling to find a simple solution, I decided to resort to a more significant redesign.

The results should be mostly transparent to you. There are few pages that have changed their permalink, but they were ones people were unlikely to have linked externally to the site. Nevertheless, if you find something that is either not working or moved on you so you can no longer find it, please leave a comment.

Reached YouTube threshold for Custom URL

Woohoo! I’ve been trying to get to the 100 subscriber threshold for a while now, mostly because then I could get a “custom URL”… which means if you want to see my YouTube page you don’t have to go to:

Instead you can now go to (drum roll please…):

(for what it is worth, the cryptic link still works)

Thank you to everyone who subscribed to my YouTube channel. Now I can point people at my talks and homilies without having to go through verbal and/or textual gymnastics.

Double woohoo!