Faithful Questions


The Faithful Questions series is a weekly adult (teens are welcome) catechesis program I lead. It is held every Wednesday in the Morris Hall. It’s goal is to help Catholics grow in their faith by discussing important topics and by studying the Bible and Catechism (in the future).

Format – different each week of the month

  • 1st Weds of the month:  Format will be similar to the traditional Faithful Questions… a talk given by me about an important topic of the faith
  • 2nd Weds of the month:  Adult bible study
  • 3rd Weds of the month: Discussion group of topics affecting Catholic families (different from 1st in that it’s not my thoughts but for the group to talk about their collective thoughts/ideas)
  • 4th Weds of the month: Adult bible study
  • If there’s a 5th Weds: TBD on a month by month basis

Bible Study resources

For the Spring of 2024, on the Bible study weeks we will be studying the Gospel of Mark. We will be using the “Ignatian Study Bible” guides. Click the appropriate link to purchase the book (you will want to have it before the 1/31/24 session:

Spring 2024 Schedule

  • January 3rd: Lecture: “How should I read the Bible?”
  • January 10th: Bible Study: Genesis Chapters 37-50
  • January 17th: Discussion: “How can our faith help with our New Years resolutions?”
  • January 24th: Bible Study: Introduction to Gospel of Mark
  • January 31st: Bible Study: Mark Chapters 1-2
  • February 7th: Lecture: “How are Catholics different from Protestants?”
  • February 14th: (No session due to St. Valentines Day)
  • February 21st: Discussion: “How can we make the most of Lent?”
  • February 28th: Bible Study: Mark Chapters 4-7
  • March 6th: Lecture: “What does the Church teach about the 2nd coming of Christ?”
  • March 13th: Bible Study: Mark Chapters 8-10
  • March 22nd: Discussion: “Healing the rift between liberal and conservative Catholics”
  • March 27th: (No session due to Holy Week activities)
  • April 3rd: Lecture: “What is the Latin Mass and when is it approved?”
  • April 10th: Bible Study: Mark Chapters 11-13
  • April 17th: Discussion: “How can we help the engaged have a blessed wedding?”
  • April 24th: Bible Study: Mark Chapters 14-15
  • May 1st: Lecture: “Is stem cell research moral?”
  • May 8th: Bible Study: Mark Chapter 16
  • May 15th: Discussion: “How can we keep God a part of our summer plans?”
  • May 22nd: Bible Study/Lecture: (Details TBD)


Snacks/refreshments for Faithful Questions are now a Potluck/Volunteer endeavor. One of our regulars, Kelly, has agreed to lead organizing snacks on a weekly basis. Please contact her if you would like to volunteer for one of the open spots. We would be very thankful for your help. Here is the upcoming schedule based on signups thus far: