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  1. Angela

    Thank you, Deacon Ken, for putting on this valuable series. This was the 1st session I have attended. The topic of reconciliation is an important one. Like many, I have not been a fan of Confession. I remember sitting in the pews, waiting my turn during the Parish Reconciliation Service, wondering, which priest I would get of the many there, and dreading, really dreading, going face-to-face with one of them. What happened to the comfort of the confessional of my youth, I wondered? While sweating bullets, I noted one priest was seated on the altar, almost under the crucifix. I thought to myself, watch, with my luck, I’ll have to go up to the altar to confess my sins, as though I didn’t already feel bad enough. Sure enough, that’s exactly what happened. God had a plan for me and it was not what I expected. The face I gazed into was the merciful face of Jesus. It was beautiful and I felt loved ,washed clean and forgiven. While the Catechism of the Catholic Church is the backbone to understanding the sacraments, I, and many Catholics, tend to glaze over when it comes to the dry, tedious and often uninspired writing of the clerics. Rather than leading off the session with a reading of the catechism, how about going to the source and use readings on God’s love and mercy? This is what I, and most sinners, need to be reminded of; God’s welcoming arms and tender mercy towards us. The second half of the presentation was much better and more practical. More time on the topic of examination of conscience would have been good. Again, thank you!.

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