Faithful Questions kickoff

Last night at my parish I started a lecture/seminar series titled ‘Faithful Questions’.  Each month I’ll talk about a new question that average Catholics have about their faith.  Many Catholics believe in the faith, generally accept the Church’s teaching as correct (even if they struggle with them), but at the same time, don’t know as much about what the Church teaches as they’d like.  They lead busy lives and educating themselves on Church teaching isn’t the highest priority.  Often the result is they have many misconceptions about Church teaching.

My goal is to help Catholics like this better learn about their faith.

Expect to see at least two posts for each month.  The first will be a raw posting of audio and the slides.  A few days (OK, maybe it’ll be a week or two) later, I’ll post a link to a YouTube video that combines the slides, video of me pacing back and forth (gripping stuff I’m sure) and the audio.

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