Faithful Questions is Tonight – 10/11

One would hope that with a new season I would be able to get ahead of things and make this sort of announcement earlier, but I guess it is just not going to happen.

In any case, tonight’s talk is titled “Does the Church agree with the separation of Church and State?” Here’s a summary:

The concept of the separation of the Church and State is a relatively recent one in the history of the Church and one that in principle comes from the United States constitution, not the Church.  So how has the Church reacted to this revolutionary idea and what does it think of it today?   This talk’s goal will be to show how the Church’s feeling have evolved over the centuries, including both what it has embraced and what it remains wary of.

The talk is at 7 PM and is both in-person in the Morris Hall and live-streamed on YouTube. You can watch it by clicking the graphic below:

See everyone there.

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