April Faithful Questions slides

Here are the slides from Tuesday’s Faithful Question talk on keeping our children Catholic:


Thank you to everyone who watched the live-stream. For those who attended, in addition to taking the survey, feel free to use the comment section for this blog post to give any feedback.

We will figure out some other way than YouTube comments next time to submit questions. Apparently a lot of viewers couldn’t get that to work.

Take the January Faithful Questions survey

A new feature of the website is the ability to take surveys so that I can better judge how I’m doing. If you went to the Faithful Questions session on January 14th, 2020, titled “How can I improve my marriage?” please do me a favor and take the survey:

Please don’t fear giving honest feedback even if you think it might be a bit harsh. I can’t improve things if I don’t know what people don’t like. 🙂

January Faithful Questions slides

I’m getting better! It only took me 9 days this time to get the slides posted:


I was very happy with the attendance at the presentation and hope those of you who came found the talk both valuable and entertaining. Make sure to check back soon for a survey about your experience.

As far as posting video, here are my goals:

  • Post the December session (Faith and Science) by Friday 1/31
  • Post the January session (Marriage) by Friday 2/7

December Faithful Question Slides

I promised at the presentation over 4 weeks ago that I’d have these slides published “tomorrow”. Oops! Sorry about that. Nevertheless, I think I’m safer saying “better late than never” for these slides. In any case, here are the slide from the December Faithful Questions session titled “Is there a conflict between faith and science?”


This was a repeat and slightly updated edition of a presentation from both Ministry Days 2019 and from a 2018 Faithful Questions session.

My hope is to have video of this posted in the next few days, before the January session on the 14th.

November Faithful Question Slides

I know this is ridiculously late and really testing the principle of “better late than never”, but here are the slides from my November Faithful Question session titled “Why do we have the Liturgical Year?”


I do have video for this session and it’s currently 3rd in line to get turned into a YouTube video. Hopefully I can get it done by the end of January.

October Faithful Question Slides

I know this is ridiculously late and really testing the principle of “better late than never”, but here are the slides from my October Faithful Question session titled “What does the Church teach about the death penalty?”


Sadly the video from this session didn’t turn out very well, so there may never be a video of it. When I get to it, I’ll see what I can do.

Slides for Ministry Days 2019 presentations

Here are the slides from my presentations at the Diocese of Sacramento Ministry Days 2019 (September 27th and 28th):

Do’s and Don’ts of Teaching Faith and Science:


Re-Imagining RCIA Inquiry:


Re-Imagining RCIA Purification and Enlightenment:


Bringing family back to the Church Handout

Yesterday was the feast day of St. Monica, the mother of St. Augustine. She is revered for a number of things, but perhaps most notably for her constant prayer and efforts to bring her son back to the Church. It took many, many years, but eventually Augustine came back to the faith and ended up himself being one of the greatest saints of the Church.

With so many Catholic parents struggling to keep their kids Catholic, one can see why St. Monica is popular for veneration and intercessory requests these days. And so Deacon Larry and I held a prayer service and a short talk afterward for exactly that.

Here is a link to the handout I gave with the talk about how we should go about bringing our families back to the Church:

How To – Bring your family back to the Church