August Faithful Questions is coming up

The August Faithful Questions is almost here! It’s next Tuesday August 10th (the regularly scheduled 2nd Tuesday of the Month) at 7 PM. The topic is “How can young adults keep their faith?”

The most challenging time for a person’s faith is when they first live on their own.  In this talk we’ll discuss the value of keeping a strong faith as well as strategies to help during this pivotal time.  Parents: Bring your teens.  Young adults: Bring your friends.  Everyone else: Come learn how you can mentor the young people in your life.

The great news is that we are now able to have in-person attendance. Yes, that’s right… after a 17 month hiatus of live-stream only events, we’re able to have in-person events. But for those who are far away or otherwise can’t make it to St. Clare in Roseville, never-fear, we’re keeping the live-stream. This will be a dual in-person and live-stream event!

So, we’ll see you at 7 PM in the Morris Hall at St. Clare or we’ll see you online… click on the below link to watch the talk:

See you then!

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