April Faithful Questions slides

OK, I know this is ridiculously late. I stumbled across the “finish line” of my Holy Week activities and April Faithful Questions session and then more or less collapsed for a week. It didn’t help that I caught some respiratory bug right about that time. By the time I started being productive again, I had a big backlog of things I needed to get done and thus posting the slides is now 2 1/2 weeks late.

In any case, here are the slides:


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  1. Scot Yearwood

    Hi Deacon Ken,
    I’ve been attending your Tuesday night talks faithfully as I only missed 1 session. I appreciate your talks; very relevant. Here’s a list of possible topics:
    1) Jesus accepted everyone, no matter the race, background, what sin etc. (Can incorporate “Building a Bridge” by James Martin, SJ)
    2) What makes a good confession, why confess to a priest? Does the pope confess?
    3 ) Are their ever going to be women priests?
    4) if Jesus were physically here today, would he be Catholic?
    These are only suggestions that came to my mind. My only intention is to give you helpful, provocative, relevant topics to add to you wonderful talks.

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